Mrs Rogers flashes the second Yuexiu Food Festival on New Year's Day, kicking off the delicious 2023!

On December 30th, the 2nd Yuexiu Joyful Food Festival Good Luck kicks off!

This New Year’s Eve market event created by Yuexiu Commercial Investment X Shihuo Planet

Gathered 80 trendy & creative gourmet brands in Guangzhou Yuehui City

The four themed blocks have their own characteristics and are full of joy



Mrs Rogers was invited to attend

Pass on the delicacy from nature to the majority of "food-knowledge youths"

Enjoy the New Year's Day holiday together, and the New Year's atmosphere will be full

Let everyone go to 2023 while eating, drinking and having fun

"Food" to move, "transfer" luck to start!

Mrs Rogers prepared for the scene friends

Delicious Homemade Snack "French Fries"

Seasoned with Mrs Rogers Himalayan Pink Salt

Salty, fragrant and delicious, it has been praised by many "food-knowledge youths"

The event site not only has food and drink, but also fun and happiness

Check-in gashapon machine, New Year photo studio, lucky charm wall

Play games, take beautiful photos, and start the ritual sense of good luck blessing



Mrs Rogers' full range of seasonings

All selected from local or imported natural raw materials

Through strict process standards and quality control

Own natural fresh flavor

Ability to turn ordinary ingredients into delicacies

Add more flavor to food

Mrs Rogers has always been adhering to the

The brand concept of " natural, delicious and healthy "

Bring safe, high-quality, delicious and healthy seasonings to people

Insist on protecting food health with New Zealand quality

In the future, Mrs Rogers will continue to move forward

Bring more consumers the ultimate luxury on the taste buds

Pass the happiness on the tip of the tongue!