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Systematic membership operation Increase user goodwill towards the brand
  • E-commerce
    customer service
  • Customer class-
    ification management
  • CRM marketing
  • Membership
    system construction
CRM Service
In-depth customer management model
Build pre-sales - sales - after-sales transaction closed loop, so that users get a better service experience, while helping brands to iterate and optimize their products, to achieve a two-way win-win situation.
CRM service
pre-sales - sales - after-sales
Marketing - Sales - Customer Service
  • Market monitoring
  • Repurchase mining
  • Customer segmentation
  • Order management
  • Member access
  • Member service
  • Customer recall
  • ……
E-commerce customer segmentation management, enhance brand service and marketing efficiency
Through the RFM model, users who have made purchases are stratified, and different strategies are used to activate and serve different types of customers.
CRM service
  • Recent Purchase Length/Recency
    Time interval between last consumption and current
  • Purchase frequency/Frequency
    Number of active transactions in a period of time
  • Consumption amount/Monetary Value
    The total amount spent on the target item over a period of time
Customer Stratification R-value F-value M-value Operation Direction Proposal
Key Value Customers Low High High Lead word-of-mouth communication, increased equity, personalized service
Important to keep customers High High High Focused recalls, such as pushing new product information
Key Development Customers Low Low High Focused deep dive, such as membership programs/referrals to other products
Important Retaining Customers High Low High Focused recalls, such as limited-time discounts
Potential Customers Low High Low Stimulate consumption, e.g. full free/package promotion
New customers with promotion value Low Low Low Stimulate brand interest, e.g. offer trials
General maintenance customers High High Low General maintenance, such as recommending popular products with discounts
Lost Customers High Low Low Lost recall or temporary abandonment
Strict customer service standards
During holidays and promotions, the reception is uninterrupted, and there will be customer service on duty in the early hours of the morning during promotions, so that we can achieve professional service with our heart.
CRM service
  • Pre-sales service
    Buyer inquiry Shopping guide
  • On-sale disposal
    Logistics consulting Inventory inquiry
  • After-sales service
    After sales audit Complaint handling
  • Sales conversion
    Purchase conversion Consulting conversion
  • Data tracking
    Customer satisfaction Store ratings
  • Knowledge system
    Product training Business training