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International Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd
Omni-channel multi-touchpoint private domain marketing Achieve brand growth breakthroughs
  • Live delivery
  • Community
    group buying
  • Vertical private
Private Domain Ecology
3 major private domain channels precipitated
Deepen the vertical traffic field, revitalize user data
and build a private domain traffic ecological chain.
  • Social e-commerce
  • Community e-commerce
  • Real estate private domain
  • 100+
    Covering social e-commerce platforms
  • 500+
    Community e-commerce platform
  • 200+
    Real estate properties
  • 1000+
    Lead anchor
  • 1000+
    Community group purchase director
  • 300w+
    Number of owners covered
More than 50 million active user traffic pool
Effectively revitalize user data, select cost-effective products for users, and connect heavy-demand customers for brands.
Private ecology
  • Live delivery
  • Social group buying
  • APP promotion
  • Community group-buying
  • APP promotion
  • ……