Directly hit the 2022 Yangzhou International Food Expo丨Mrs Rogers leads the new healthy

Recently, under the guidance of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, sponsored by Yangzhou Municipal People's Government, and undertaken by Yangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the 2022 China (Yangzhou) International Creative Food Expo was grandly held at the Grand Canal Theater in Yangzhou.

With the theme of "good place, good food, good creativity", the expo brings together nearly 70 domestic and foreign enterprises, including Yangzhou classic catering brands, traditional international brands, and cutting-edge Internet celebrity food brands. Four exhibition areas: Creation Area and Shihuo Planet. Among them, Mrs Rogers (Mrs. Rogers), a seasoning brand from New Zealand, is very popular in front of the exhibition area. Its unique natural seasonings have attracted consultation and attention from many exhibitors.

It is reported that Mrs Rogers, founded in 1993, is a professional high-end seasoning brand in New Zealand, advocating adding flavor to food in a natural and healthy way. Mrs Rogers has a full range of condiments, among which the pink salt mined from the pink salt deposits in the Himalayas is a very popular product in the brand series, and it is also exhibited at this expo.

Mrs Rogers Himalayan Pink Salt is a high-end healthy edible salt used by many stars and nutritionists. It is rich in a variety of mineral elements that are beneficial to the human body, without any artificial additions. What's more rare is that it has the New Zealand BioGro natural organic certification. At this expo, Mrs Rogers also exhibited products such as smoked barbecue salt, kiwi fruit spices and other compound seasonings. The steak, French fries and other delicacies made with Himalayan powder salt or compound seasoning on site brought delicious enjoyment to many exhibitors and won unanimous praise!

Mrs Rogers Healthy Seasoning has the characteristics of "natural, delicious, and healthy". It is not only a gourmet companion for many fat-reducing experts, but also the first choice for cooking and seasoning for healthy families. Singer and gourmet Lin Yilun has repeatedly broadcasted I recommend Mrs Rogers Himalayan pink salt to nearly ten million netizens. After entering the country, Mrs Rogers ranked first in the sales of seasonings in New Zealand on the entire network sales platform. The wonderful appearance of Mrs Rogers at the Yangzhou International Food Fair fully demonstrates its brand strength and international influence.