Guangzhou Oceanz
International Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd
Maximize communication effect
Drive brand sales growth
  • Online Recommendation
  • Offline Promotion
  • Event Marketing
Innovative Marketing
Diversified marketing Promotion
Open up flow increment
Take market demand as the
driving force to establish a
two-way connection between
the brand and the user, and
develop new incremental
market for the brand.
  • Brand strategy development
    Market analysis and diagnosis Sorting out brand positioning
  • Communication content planning
    Scene and emotion marketing Output high quality material
  • Advertising media placement
    A channel that keeps up with the times Promote target user reach
  • Marketing data monitoring
    Monitor market data Optimize ad placement
The whole media communication matrix layout
Rich content with resources to break through the traffic barriers and optimize traffic costs.
  • 1000+
    Own incubation of quality KOC
  • 1500+
    Monthly self-produced notes content
  • 1000+
    Cooperation with anchor resources
  • 1000+
    Covering celebrity and celebrity resources
  • Graphic
  • Short video
  • Live streaming
  • E-commerce content
  • Social media
  • Vertical platforms
  • News
Media communication + e-commerce conversion
Brand marketing drives traffic, e-commerce operations to undertake traffic, to achieve the unity of quality and efficiency.
  • Brand building
    Brand account operation
    Brand official website
    Overseas traceability
  • Red person marketing
    KOL netflix
    Lead anchor
    Star resources
  • Interactive communication
    Exhibition events
    Video & Live streaming
    Social media
Omni-channel marketing coverage
B-side and C-side linkage marketing for online and offline comprehensive promotion to help brands achieve leapfrog development.
  • B-side marketing
    • Exhibition events
    • Industry summits
    • Product promotion
  • C-side marketing
    • C-side marketing
    • Overseas supermarket live
    • Brand traceability