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Empowering brands to grow sustainably
  • Brand agent
  • Market development
  • Channel distribution
  • Price order control
Brand agent
  • Brand building
    Brand endorsement
    Event marketing planning
    Brand image content production
    Media communication
  • Product sales
    Product planning and packaging
    Benchmark elagship store operations
    Online and offline omnichannel configuration
    Global market distribution
  • Market control
    Channel digital management
    Brand data
    Delegation management
    Property maintenance
The International Brand Agent
Systematic brand management model and perfect industry data help cross-border brands to lay out the Chinese market benignly. Improve brand awareness and market share.
Brand Management Services
Systematic brand management mode, perfect industry data, To help cross-border brands layout benign Chinese market. Improve brand awareness and market share.
The industry advantageous services, to help cross-border brand localization
Based on the MVP e-commerce model, we are constantly optimizing and iterating to promote the sustainable development of the brand.
  • Brand Incubation 0→1
    Through the integrated sales of stores, low-cost market investment, rapid market data feedback, so that the benign layout of business channels, so that the brand to achieve a breakthrough from 0 to 1.
  • Brand Management 1→N
    Through omnichannel platform resource allocation, brands can move from single growth to multi-dimensional joint empowerment and achieve sustainable development from 1 to N.
Digital Brand Management Services
Relying on cross-border social e-commerce supply chain platform and professional distributor management system, digital management and maintenance to enhance brand market competitiveness.
Formal authorization and price control to maintain the market ecology
Record the number of times the dealer drops the price and cooperate with the price adjustment, and establish the dealer evaluation system in terms of sales ability, performance ability and brand viscosity.
Control of informal authorization to ensure the authenticity of the brand
For counterfeit goods and informal authorized channel stores, through intellectual property complaints, consumer rights, and other ways to deal with the cleanup of non-compliant business stores.